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■ □ East Japan Great Earthquake Charity Event □ ■
【COLO CUP vol.13】

COLO CUP has held the theme of "disaster reconstruction" and "disaster reduction disaster" theme. This time we will have the 13th time this time we will have Mr. Takashi Ogura as a guest and we will hold the new Toyosu's MIFA Football Park on November 11 (Sun) at the venue! !

The main theme of COLO CUP vol.13 is "multinational disaster prevention".

Actually, the death rate of foreign nationals at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake was twice that of Japanese people.
As a reason, it is difficult to understand the words (Japanese) · difficult to understand that it is panic against the tremor if it is a person in the country with little earthquake, the proper evacuation behavior can not be understood, and escape was delayed , It is thought that it is caused by such things.

I think that foreigners who will suffer disaster unfortunately in Japan, which is more than 24 million tourists and Japan in a disaster-hit country, will continue to come out.

At such time, the Japanese helped the foreigner who would be in a panic! I think that COLO CUP can become one trigger so that a nice story such as happens in various places will be held and this time COLO CUP will be held.

In addition, this time, you will come to special guests who are not waiting for you!


◆ Special guests ◆
Takafumi Ogura (Okura Takami)
Born in 1973, he is from Suzuka city, Mie Prefecture.
As Yokkaichi Central Industrial High School's Ace won the 70th National High School Football Championship. After graduating from the same school, I joined Nagoya Grampus Eight. In 1993 he moved to the Netherlands 2nd division League Excelsior and the team's scorer was active. Japanese delegates will be elected to the Atlanta Olympic team also played in the Atlanta Olympic final qualifying campaign after a major injury of the right foot posterior cruciate ligament rupture, two surgeries, Jeff Ichihara, Tokyo Verdi, Consadole Sapporo, Van Foret Kofu Retired in 2006.

After retirement, after commentator, football classroom · spreading activity, he served as Nagoya Grampus director and GM in 2016.


This time COLO CUP vol.13 is a vast number of events that you can get various awareness by making new experiences with special guests from adults to children as well as those who are kicking the ball from day to day.


1 Basic training with extremely luxurious guests (football classroom)
2 Fun learning disaster reduction through soccer and futsal
Football disaster prevention о Defense action
3 Futsal match (by level)


In addition, participation fee will be used for all disaster area support.

Also, after the event, a social gathering party will be held at the same facility for guests to participate. Together with newly connected fellows through futsal, let's discuss with others!

For everyone who participates, there is no doubt that it will be a special, nice day!

All COLO staff are waiting for your participation from the bottom of my heart.

▷ Application for participation from here

▷ Event HP

▷ The state of past events from here

▷ We are looking for participating companies
social football at COLO
We also sponsor management funds and participate in events
We are looking for "chance maker".
Please feel free to contact us.

===== 【Event summary】 =====
November 11, 2018 (Sun)
12:30 reception start
13: 00 COLO CUP vol.13 Start
17: 30 Start social gathering party
(End of 19: 30)
Rain scheduled, stopping stormy weather
※ In case of cancellation COLO CUP Secretariat will contact you.

◆ Venue ◆
MIFA Football Park
6-1-23 Toyosu, Koto Ward, Tokyo
A 2-minute walk from Yurikamome "Shin Toyosu Station"
13 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Yurakucho "Toyosu Station"
HP: http: // mifafootballpark.com/
TEL: 03-6225-0793

◆ Participation fee · Capacity ◆
① Part 1 COLO CUP vol.13
General participation: 4000 yen (elementary school student 2000 yen)
Capacity: About 100 people
※ All participation fee will be donated as rebuild support money to the disaster area.
※ Please pay the participation fee locally.
※ Parents' accompanying is required for application of elementary school students. In addition, parents' participation fee is also required. Please note.

② Party social gathering
4000 yen (snacks / drinks all you can eat / elementary school students 1500 yen)

※ Please pay the participation fee locally.
* Elementary school students who participated in the 1st part can attend a social gathering with 2,500 yen / person for 2 guardians.
※ Please understand that COLO CUP of this time can not accept participation by tour only.

Supporting organization (Donation destination) ◆
Rikuzentakata Takashima Sports Ground Project
【>>> http://colojapan.asia/change-makers/rikuzentakata_project.html】

General Association of Reconstruction Supporters
【>>> http://www.fukkou-ouendan.com/】

J Village
【>>> https://www.jvillage.jp/】

◆ Participating companies / organizations (opportunity makers) ◆
As Partners Inc.
【>>> https://www.as-partners.co.jp/】
【>>> http://colojapan.asia/chance-makers/aspartners.html】

TR Consulting Co., Ltd.
【>>> http://www.tr-consul.com/】
【>>> http://colojapan.asia/chance-makers/trcon.html】

◆ Cooperation ◆
Community Crossing Japan
【>>> https://www.facebook.com/CommunityCrossingJapan】

love.fútbol Japan
【>>> https://www.facebook.com/lovefutboljapan】
Sun Nov 11, 2018
1:00 PM - 7:30 PM JST
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MIFA Football Park
Part1. ¥4000(Participation fee will be payable locally) FULL
Part1. ¥2000(Elementary school students · participation fee will be paid locally) FULL
A social gathering ¥4000(Participation fee will be payable locally) FULL
A social gathering ¥1500(Elementary school students · participation fee will be paid locally) FULL
Venue Address
東京都江東区豊洲6-1-23 Japan
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